Technology Experience

DENSO WAVE developers are well versed in a variety of engineering disciplines and technologies providing our customers with a total solution to meet their product challenges. We provide high-quality and long-life products leveraging our 35 years of design experience acquired through production development.

We design products that can withstand severe application environments by thoroughly analyzing the specifications of the product from standalone usage to system levels processes driven by our accumulated design knowledge.

Embedded Software

We develop high quality and high reliability firmware required for automation products through optimum design processes and extensive testing.

    Application Technology
    • System and firmware specification design
    • Control software
    • Product firmware
    • Communication software
    • Test plan creation

    Programming Languages
    • Assembler
    • C
    • C++
    • VHDL

    • Software development methods
    • Automation knowledge
    • Knowledge of industrial environmental conditions

Digital Electronics

We deliver various automation product functions through optimization of electrical circuit design.
    Application Technology
    • Microcomputers and their peripheral electrical circuits
    • General-purpose digital I/O circuits
    • Digital I/O circuits with self-diagnosis features
    • ASIC-based high-speed digital signal processing

    • Circuit simulation
    • Noise-immune design
    • Long-life design
    • Software development methods

Analog Electronics

We accomplish development and optimization of controller interface products through our broad experience in analog signal processing technology.

    Application Technology
    • High-reliability analog I/O circuits (e.g.: high accuracy)
    • Temperature measurement (e.g.: thermocouples, resistance bulbs)
    • Sensor interface

    • Circuit simulation
    • Noise-immune design
    • Long-life design
    • Software development methods
    • Automation product knowledge
    • Knowledge of various operating conditions

Mechanical components

We design mechanical packaging that can withstand severe operating conditions by effectively using analytical techniques, such as strength analysis, throughout the design process.

    Application Technology
    • Enclosure design
    • Strength design
    • Heat dissipation design
    • Verification of operability
    • Verification of part tolerances

    • Knowledge of controller operating condition
    • Structural analysis simulation
    • 3-dimensional CAD Pro/ENGINEER®(1) Unigraphics®
    • Pro/ENGINEER®
    • Unigraphics®
    • Visualization of heat distribution (Thermo Viewer)

Human-Machine Interface

Realizing high-reliability and user-friendly products by merging controller design technology and human-machine interface technology developed over the years.

    Application Technology
    • Full-color display technology
    • Audio output technology
    • Touch-panel technology

    • Digital electronics
    • Communication interface
    • Embedded software
    • Printed circuit board technology
    • Mechanical

Printed Circuit Boards

We provide highly reliable and long-lasting products using optimized design based on extensive experience.

    Application Technology
    • Miniaturized and high density packaging technology
    • Environmentally durable design
    • Noise Immune design
    • Heat dissipation design
    • Design compliant to safety standards

    • Noise-proof design
    • CAD design technology
    • SFX™
    • PCB design engineering review
    • PCB material evaluation technology
    • Flexible PCB application technology

Communication Interfaces

We develop products that can be connected to various sophisticated network systems such as those installed in manufacturing environments - both open standard and proprietary - through our communication technology hardware and firmware expertise.

    Application Technology
    • Communication interface circuit design
    • Communication control software design

    Applicable Networks
    • ARCNET
    • BACnet®
    • DeviceNet™
    • Ethernet® & EtherNet/IP™
    • Various types of Wireless communications
    • PROFIBUS(6)

    • Noise-immune design
    • Long-life design
    • Software development methods
    • Controller knowledge

Custom Power Supplies

We provide a wide variety of power supply equipment, either DC or AC, with basic to full functionality features. We adhere to multiple International standard ensuring the power supplies we design will work in multiple markets and regions.

    Application Technology
    • Wide-range of inputs
    • High efficiency conversion

    • Circuit simulation
    • Noise-immune design
    • Long-life design
    • Visualization of heat distribution (Thermo Viewer)