Denso Wave Case Studies

Case Study: North American Industrial Automation Controls Supplier - Manufacturer of electronic industrial controls

Our customer is a leading North American supplier of electronic industrial controls. This company has manufactured – for over 100 years – a broad range of control products such as relays, pushbuttons, motor starters, operator interface devices (displays), programmable logic controllers, motion controllers and variable frequency drives. The company has been a premium supplier of high quality products, with focus on providing complete solutions with excellent customer support.


Case Study: North American HVAC Equipment Manufacturer Supplier of Residential Heating and Cooling Equipment

Our customer is a leading North American residential HVAC equipment supplier. This company manufactures and sells a broad line of furnaces, air conditioners and air handlers throughout the Americas and Europe. In previous years the customer’s practice was to sell brand labeled controls – such as thermostats – manufactured and sold by other suppliers. In some instances our customer would require slight product changes to be implemented by the supplier, such as the addition of a new control feature or placing the customer’s logo on the product case. Otherwise these products were the same as those already sold by the supplier. The advantages to our customer of brand labeling existing products included fast time-to-market, minimizing internal engineering resources required and minimizing development costs.


Case Study: North American Industrial Automation Equipment Manufacturer

Our customer was (and is) a leading North American supplier of industrial controls and power distribution equipment. At the time of our projects their industrial control products included electro-mechanical relays, circuit breakers, motor starters, motor control centers, programmable controllers, display devices and drives controllers. The customer’s market position was that of a high quality, premium supplier of a wide range of controls solutions. Motor control centers were a significant part of our customer’s business. Motor control centers provide for the control of electric motors used throughout industrial and process applications. Such centers consist of motor starter units, disconnect switches, safety interlocks and metal cabinetry. Our customer desired an electronic input and output (I/O) module product line that would enable integration of motor control centers within an application. Such integration is needed for effective control in applications requiring multiple motors spanning large industrial or process applications.