How DENSO WAVE works with our Strategic Client Partners

At DENSO WAVE, we give our strategic partners the freedom to focus on the things they do best. We function as a collaborative resource, uniting advanced manufacturing technology, skills and global expertise to create breakthrough innovation in ways that provide real and sustained competitive advantage for our customers.

DENSO WAVE traces its history to its deep experience in developing advanced automotive technology for Japan’s leading manufacturers. With unique capabilities that span development, engineering, software and manufacturing, we’ve leveraged our decades of experience to bring these forward-looking processes, hardware, sensing and software technologies to serve a variety of industries, including building automation, energy management and industrial automation. We’ve also applied our expertise in I/O and controller technology to security applications and our robotics experience to the motion control/drives businesses.

In addition, we have developed a proven project management process by working with the world’s most advanced industrial enterprises. This culture of advanced manufacturing and engineering gives us the insight and experience to manage complex and multi-stage projects at the very highest levels with great success, in part by tailoring our own internal development processes to match yours. Our expertise in process management, coupled with world-class manufacturing and design competencies, positions DENSO WAVE as the ideal strategic partner to drive your project from concept to completion in record time and on budget:

  • Industry-leading hardware and software expertise in robotics, bar code scanning/identification systems, and controllers
  • Deep technical and financial resources from our global technology parent company
  • More than 30 years of experience in the controls market
  • Experience in product certification and interaction with UL, CE, other standards organizations around the world
  • Expertise in root cause analysis and problem-solving
  • Design for manufacturing (DFM) and manufacturing process modifications to support compliance with the latest environmental standards
  • Industry-leading product quality. Winner of clients’ “Supplier of the Year” and multiple quality awards.
  • Long-term lifecycle support for system development and maintenance, to manage concerns surrounding component obsolescence